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Importance of Roof Replacement

The average lifespan of a roof is eighteen years before it begins to deteriorate. A deteriorated roof can easily leak, rot, and affect the living experience in your home. We increased the property value of this home by putting a brand new roof on. 

New Roof Installed in Milford, NJ

Another amazing Roof transformation in Milford, NJ. Its crazy to see the damage, the weather and environment can cause to a roof over 15 to 20 years. Missing shingles, water stains, allergy growth, all things that can deteriorate a roof leaving you with a mess if it rains hard enough. This was going to eventually happen to this home if we didn't replace the roof when we had. The homeowner was amazed at the transformation of the roof and relieved to finally have peace of mind. 

New Roof Shingles Installed for Milford, NJ Home

Check out the before and after of this roof transformation in Milford, NJ! The Roof was leaking every time it rained causing frustration for this homeowner. The shingles were stained, with a few missing in some areas. Our team completely removed the existing roof and gutter system as well. We installed new shingles and a new Gutter System known as Gutter Shutter. Gutter Shutter is a clog free gutter system that requires no maintenance.  

New Shingles Installed in Milford, NJ

Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st was hired to install new roofing shingles for this home in Milford, NJ. New roofing shingles increase the curb appeal and property value of your home. It's very important to replace them once they begin to deteriorate.

New Roofing Shingles Installed in Milford, NJ

We installed new roofing shingles for this home in Milford, NJ. New shingles can increase the curb appeal and value of your home, making it a valuable asset. The homeowner was very happy to see their new roofing shingles installed.

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