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Old Milford, NJ Roof Replaced

A Milford, NJ homeowner decided to replace their roof after seeing it was beginning to deteriorate. They contacted Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st for a solution. The Sales Manager, Steve V., provided a thorough inspection and created a quote for the homeowner. A few weeks later, our crew arrived and installed the new roof. they removed the old shingles and repaired the rotting roofing deck. They then installed the new ice and water membrane and roofing shingles and did a final cleanup. The homeowner was very impressed with the results. 

Roof Replacement in Flemington, NJ

Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st was hired to replace this roof in Flemington, NJ. The homeowner noticed their roof was undergoing some issues after finding it covered in black streaks. We provided a thorough inspection of the roof, along with a variety of shingles that the homeowner to choose from. Within a few days, our crew arrived and replaced the roof. Once the installation was complete, our crew did a final clean-up around the home. 

Roof Replacement in West Windsor, NJ

A homeowner in West Windsor, NJ noticed the shingles on their roof were deteriorating. They decided to have it inspected, so they contacted Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st. Our Roofing Specialist, Alvin R., provided a thorough roofing inspection. 

New Roof Installed in Spotswood, NJ

Check out the roof replacement job our crew completed in Spotswood, NJ. This roof was over 18 years old and was ready to be replaced. When removing the existing shingles, our team covers each area to ensure no shingles, nails or debris spread across the lawn. Our Project Manager is on site to keep communication between the team and the Spotswood homeowner. Once completed, the Project Manager, performed the final walk-through with the homeowner to show them the completed job on their new roof! 

Highland Park, NJ Homeowner Replaces their Roof

Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st was hired to replace this roof in Highland Park, NJ. The average lifespan of a standard roof is eighteen years before it begins to deteriorate. It's highly recommended for homeowners to replace their roofs during this age because it prolongs the safety of their homes. It also protects the home's property value and investment. Without a durable roof, your home is susceptible to developing issues like leaks, mold, and torn shingles. A new roof is a home essential that improves your quality of living and restores peace of mind.

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