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Full Roof Replacement In Wall, NJ

Full Roof Replacement In Wall, NJ

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Full Roof Replacement In Wall, NJ Full Roof Replacement In Wall, NJ

This homeowner knew that they needed to replace their roof, so they contacted our team for a solution! Our Specialist, Jeff Nero completed a full inspection of the home and provided the homeowners with a written proposal at the time of the estimate. In addition to replacing the roof, many of the skylights in the home were leaking. The homeowner decided that it would be best to replace them. Our Operations Manager, Jack Jamison, coordinated the installation date with the homeowners. Once it was time for the new roof to be installed, our Project Manager Carlos Castaneda supervised everything from start to finish. The homeowner was thrilled with the transformation of their roof and had peace of mind knowing that it was protected under warranty for many years to come. 

Skylight Roof Repair in Wall, NJ

Skylight Roof Repair in Wall, NJ

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Skylight Roof Repair in Wall, NJ Skylight Roof Repair in Wall, NJ

Homeowners Justin and Jillian noticed the area underneath their skylight started leaking, so they contacted their most trusted contractor, Klaus Roofing by Quality 1st. After hearing their problem, we had our Senior Design Specialist, Jeff Nero, go out to inspect the home and provide the homeowners with an estimate. Jeff arrived to the home and immediately saw the area around the skylight was covered in black streaks, as a result of water retention; this was the problem that caused leakage underneath the area. Jeff presented this to the homeowners, and strongly suggested they have their roof replaced immediately, to which the homeowners agreed. Within the next week, our crew installed the new roof and the homeowners did not experience anymore leaks underneath their skylight, thus being completely satisfied with Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st. 



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Your roof is a crucially important part of your home that enhances your exterior’s curb appeal and provides protection from the elements. This makes it vital that you have a roofing contractor you can trust to address any roofing problems that may occur during your roof’s lifespan.

Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st is just the roofing contractor you need. Our team can look over your roof, identify the source of any leaks or other kinds of roof damage, and then make the required roof repairs. We can also provide you with a full roof replacement if your roof is older or severely damaged. A beautiful new asphalt shingle roof can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal while also protecting your home for decades.

Contact us today and schedule your free estimate for any of our roofing services in Belmar, NJ, including both roof repair and roof replacement!

Our services:

  • Roof repair
  • Roof replacement
  • Hail damage repair
  • Ridge vents
  • Roof ice melt systems
  • Gutter installation
  • Gutter guards
Job Stories From Belmar, NJ
Roof Replacement in Belmar, NJ

A homeowner in Belmar, NJ has been patching his roof that constantly leaked whenever there was rain. He was tired of his roof leaking, so he called Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st and scheduled an appointment for a specialist to come out. Our Operations Manager, Jack, came out to check the homeowner's roof and saw that the there were missing shingles, most of the area was covered by moss and debris, and there were open seals covering a large area of the roof. Jack concluded that the entire roof needed to be replaced. 

The following week, Jack, along with his crew, came back out to Belmar to replace the homeowner's roof. Before replacing the shingles, the team removed the old ones and taped any open seals and installed a synthetic underlayment to prevent any water seepage. They also patched up any small cracks and put a protective seal over the new roof to prevent moss from growing. 

The homeowner was amazed to see that his home looked entirely different with the new roof installed. Since then, the homeowner did not have any leakage through his roof and is completely satisfied. 

Couple in Belmar, NJ Replace their Gutters

A couple in Belmar, NJ, has been living in their home for five years, and noticed that water had been overflowing from their gutters. They tried fixing the problem by patching up some small holes, and cleaning the gutters from leaves and debris but water continued to overflow. They did not know what to do, or who to contact. They talked to some friends and asked who they should call to fix the problem. The couple's friends strongly recommended contacting Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st to find a solution. The couple contacted Klaus Roofing Systems by Quality 1st and scheduled an appointment for a specialist to come out and review their gutter system. 

Our Operations Manager, Jack J., came out and inspected the gutters. Jack looked at the gutters and immediately noticed that they were rusty, cracked, and covered in moss. Immediately, Jack new that the gutters needed to be replaced. He noticed that the homeowners live in an open area with lot of trees, hence why the gutters were filled with them. He suggest that the couple get the new 'Gutter Shutter', which has a protective shield to prevent any leaves and debris from entering the gutters. He also mentioned that the Gutter Shutter also contains small perforations that allow water to slowly flow through the gutters, which will prevent the gutters from overflowing. The couple agreed to have the Gutter Shutter installed. 

Since their new Gutter Shutter was installed, the couple has not had any problems with overflowing water and rusty old gutters. They have been completely satisfied ever since.

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